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At Property Showcase Group, Drones are friends, not foes. 

They posses the potential to shift someone’s perspective of a given property and create windows where there were once walls (or ceilings ;) 

With Drones more accessible than ever before, the marketplace is quickly becoming saturated with inexperienced pilots who fly lacking credentials, experience, and insurance. 

And even then, if you’ve got a drone or hire an FAA Part 107 Pilot off Craigslist, nothing compares to our team of experienced pilots and fleet of drones who’ve logged over 10,000 hours of collective Drone flight time while filming over $500 Million of Luxury Real Estate Listings in one Southern California’s most scenic markets. 

For us, Drones serve a multitude of very practical purposes, all of which stand to benefit our Clients in the most lucrative way possible. 

What was once only accessible to a handful of filmmakers who could afford and coordinate helicopter shots, can now be done swiftly and discretely, turning over timely and tasteful content to help you sell properties and fill vacancies at higher rates than competitors who don’t utilize Aerial Imagery.

Aerial shots are not accessible to everyone, but at Property Showcase Group, we have a plethora of FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots trained in capturing smooth cinematic shots that give static properties a dynamic context.

By highlighting elements like:

  • Physical Location

  • Structural/ Architechtural Complexity 

  • Scenic Views

  • Proximity to Streets, Neighbors, and Notable Attractions.

We supply your clients with an omnipotent perspective of their future Real Estate Investment and give them a unique vehicle to experience a Property. 

Plain and Simple.

Listings with Aerial Photography sell 68% faster than those that feature conventional Photography. (Source: MLS Stats)

Listings with Video outperform those that ONLY feature Photos (Aerial included) (Source:

Listings that utilize Aerial Video (in conjunction with regular Video) outperform listings with standard video. 

Flying a drone is easy… but capturing buttery and beautifully framed Aerial Photos and Videos while you fly takes practice and persistence. At Property Showcase Group we guarantee quality, consistency, and convenience during every Aerial Shoot we execute, because once you’ve got an engaging Aerial Shot, it’s only the beginning of crafting a captivating creative piece of content to help catch a potential Client’s eye, converting views into calls, meetings, and ultimately SALES! 

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