The (4 Step Guide) to promoting your Real Estate Listing

1. Post Great Photos, not Okay Photos

Average Photos do not sell homes. Utilize twilight style photography + aerial drone photography to showcase your property in the most eye catching way possible and increase click through rates on your MLS listings. 


2. Utilize a 60 second Teaser Video

Don't bore anyone with a 10 minute video....Your property is the movie and this is the trailer. Show buyers and sellers why they need to visit your property in under a minute. 


3. Showcase your property with a Matterport Virtual Tour 

Your client is in Shanghai...your listing in Beverly Hills.. Save the client time and money by letting them tour the home with a Matterport Virtual Tour.


4. Post informative and engaging content on your social media platforms 

Meet your target audience on the platforms their on. Employ a combination of earned and paid media to engage with the  individuals who want to view your property and may become your next client. 

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