Why Every Property Needs a Matterport Virtual Tour?

Scenario #1:

Imagine you live in Northern California and you’re interested in viewing a house in New York City. You Google search and find a location you love! You really want to get a feel for the space that’s for sale, but the photos presented online are terrible quality and extremely pixelated.

For all you know, this property could be extremely worn down, have stains all over the carpet, black mold, cracks on the ceilings, water damage, but you would have no idea. 

You REALLY love the location and know that this could be the property of your dreams but you’re not sure if it’s worth your time & money to go and visit the home.

You decide to take a chance and book a roundtrip airline ticket to NYC to visit the property yourself, which cost you roughly $300.

Once you arrive at the property, you see that it’s extremely worn down and disgusting. 

You pack your bags in frustration and realize that you’ve just waisted an entire weekend for nothing.

Scenario #2:

You Google search a potential property in NYC and see that the listing offers a “Matterport Virtual Tour Experience.”

Curious but not sure what the hell it is, you decide to go ahead and click the play button.

You are taken inside the house instantly (virtually of course) and see how beautiful it is. 

You scan through the property and clearly see every square inch of the home, checking to make sure everything is to your liking. 

You haven’t even seen the house in person, and yet, you know that this is your new home! 

The house of your dreams right there, and it only took you a few minutes to see the entire house, saving you time and money!

That’s the power of the Matterport Virtual Tour Experience!

Matterport creates 3D scans of homes that allow potential buyers to preview spaces before making in-person visits.

Better put, Matterport is your all-in-one visual marketing package that increases seller leads, boosts engagement for your listings, and reduces your per-listing marketing costs. 

…Virtual Reality is here. Don’t be late to the party. 

Schedule your Matterport today!