Why EVERY Real Estate Agent Needs a Professional Website

Surprisingly, most real estate professionals don't have their own website. Instead, they revert to a small bio that their company provides for them on their parent site, which is worth about as much as Monopoly money.

It's 2018, at this point it's pretty clear that if you don't have a website you are missing out on lucrative opportunities, to not only show potential clients who you are, but to develop an online presence long-term for your brand.

Transactions are important and you can still make sales without a website, but in todays day-and-age people are always plugged-in on their computers and smartphones. Not having a website means you're losing business period.

By simply creating a website, you're already one-step-ahead of the competition and separating yourself from the rest of the pack.

Websites are like the “business cards of our generation”. It's something that goes hand-in-hand. A professional website reassures a potential client that you're an expert in your industry and can deliver what they need, in this case buying and selling homes.

By not having a website you will lose credibility and trust right off-the-bat. People selling their homes want to know that their money is going into the right hands. By not having a “new business card”, potential clients will question if you're the right person to sell their home.

“He doesn't even have a website! How the hell is he going to market my home on the internet?”

At the end of the day, it's the little details that matter.

Having a professional website shows the world that you care. That you're willing to go the extra mile and take the time to do things with quality and precision.

In most instances, the real estate professionals at the top of the industry performing at the highest level are the ones with professional websites.

They know that it's a minuscule investment short-term but an invaluable asset long-term.