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Why EVERY Real Estate Agent Needs a Professional Website

Surprisingly, most real estate professionals don't have their own website. Instead, they revert to a small bio that their company provides for them on their parent site, which is worth about as much as Monopoly money.

It's 2018, at this point it's pretty clear that if you don't have a website

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5 Reasons Why Agents SHOULD NOT Take Listing Photos

A common thing we hear from real estate agents is:
“I don't use a professional photographer for my listings - I just take the pics myself.”

Many real estate agents choose to take their own photos, hoping to save time and money.

But whether it's an iphone or a DSLR camera, Real Estate Agents SHOULD NOT take their own listing photos.

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The (4 Step Guide) to promoting your Real Estate Listing

Average Photos do not sell homes. Utilize twilight style photography + aerial drone photography to showcase your property in the most eye catching way possible and increase click through rates on your MLS listings. 

Don't bore anyone with a 10 minute video....Your property is the movie and this is the trailer. Show buyers and sellers why they need to visit your property in under a minute. 

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